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We're mindful of costs

(Not the cheapest -

but the best value around)



We are very cost competitive.


We understand that you will want the best value for your dollars that you can.


While we never say we are the cheapest conveyancer we regard ourselves as the best value in Australia. Now that's a tall call.


Our conveyancing costs start at $990 for transfers and $2,000 for purchases and sales (which includes the transactional components of a purchase or sale of a property). In addition, we charge disbursements (costs incurred on your behalf such as searches) and GST. If matters require additional works we disclose and charge our hourly rates (this could include, for example, advices, mortgage works, and other aspects of a conveyance outside the transactional components of it). Our fees charged are generally quite competitive but likely not the cheapest.

We often have clients call and ask "What do you charge for a conveyance ?" which is understandable, however, comparing conveyancing services merely on price is like comparing apples with oranges. We are a reputable, long standing and successful legal practice with multiple offices and only the very best staff available. We don't seek to compete with "cut price" conveyancing services for what is, realistically, the biggest and most important (and often complex) contract and transaction of a clients life. That would be like calling around surgeons to see what price they could do "open heart surgery for". While its understandable that price is important, experience and quality is also important. We are also up front as to what we do and what we don't do, so you are fully appraised of what to expect. 

So, If you merely see your conveyance as something which you want "cheap" then we are not the conveyancing firm for you. We can refer you to very cheap conveyancing practices (there are many). We, however,  dont speak in terms of "cheap" as disasters can occur cheaply. We work hard to avoid the pitfalls which years of experience and study have shown us.

Please feel free to come and discuss how we can assist you and what our costs for your particular matter will be. We always provide our costs in writing up front.


We look forward to discussing your conveyancing needs with you - the first interview is always free and once you have spoken with us we are sure you will see the difference of a quality practice.

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