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We're mindful of costs

(Not the cheapest -

but the best value around)



We are very cost competitive.


We understand that you will want the best value for your dollars that you can.


While we never say we are the cheapest conveyancer we regard ourselves as the best value in Australia. Now that's a tall call.


Our conveyancing costs start at $990 for our transactional purchase or sale of a property. We charge disbursements (costs incurred on your behalf such as searches) and GST.

Please feel free to come and discuss how we can assist you and what our costs for your particular matter will be. We always provide our costs in writing up front.


If you merely see your conveyance as something which you want "cheap" then we are not the conveyancing firm for you. We can refer you to very cheap conveyancing practices (there are many). We, however,  dont speak in terms of "cheap" as dissasters can occur cheaply. We work hard to avoid the pittfalls which years of experience and study have shown us.


We look forward to discussing your conveyancing needs with you - the first interview is always free and once you have spoken with us we are sure you will see the difference of a quality practice.

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