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Property Conveyancing

We act on the sale and purchase of real property this extends from ordinary private treaty and auction sales to more complex "off the plan" and interdependent contracts.


We have acted for large property dealings where a large number of properties have been consolated as a development site.


Whatever your real estate conveyancing need is we can assist you and we are happy to discuss your needs with us.



Off the Plan


An off the plan conveyance is a complex transaction.


Put simply what you think you purchase may not be what is provided at the time of settlement.


This is why you need a conveyancing practice which understands the pittfalls and problems which can occur in an off the plan conveyance.


Give us a call and we can provide you with all of the information and assisted necessary to make sure you don't get burned.


We act on all sale and purchase of business including franchises and complex business structures.


We have decades of experience in complex business transactions and are well equipped to properly conduct your sale or puchase of business.



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